A pre-school in Colorado will exclude pupils whose parents don’t want them to study by anti-bias program


A pre-school refused to allow a four-year-old student to opt out of education on same-sex relationships and gender identity, explaining that it is against the anti-bias curriculum which is the basis of the school’s philosophy.

The mother of the girl claimed that she is not homophobic, she just thinks that her daughter is too small yet to understand what homosexuality and gender identity really means.

The school director claimed: ‘Anti-bias education encourages children to find common ground, respect and appreciation for the rich diversity among individuals and prepares them to take their place within the global community’. Marrs added that ‘anti-bias education is not only a school wide philosophy at our school, it is part of early childhood curriculums across the county that meet standards and best practices as defined by the National Association for the Education of Young Children’.

Some have been quick to denounce the school for its decision to exclude the student. Dr André Van Mol, of the Christian Medical and Dental Associations, has been quoted as saying that ‘Evidently, as far as the program is concerned, this four-year-old is fair game for what I see as carefully crafted, ideological indoctrination.’ Dr Van Mol is also a member of the group Moral Revolution, said to promote ‘God’s original design for sexuality’.


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