Answer,where are you?


Today we have a lot of couples with whom children grew up in same-sex parenting families. Some scientists say that children in such a kind of families can feel himself defectively and not with the same rules according to the other children. Sometimes even parents feel these unpleasant feelings of their child, but, unfortunately, instead of the parents’ warm hugs, he suffers from the malice. It means that adults don’t know how they can help their child to overcome this or that obstacle and just want to cover this non-acquaintance in such a stupid way.

There was published an article where a lot of interesting facts about same-sex parenting were published. But, despite of all facts, researchers have some questions we are still unsolved. For example: are the behaviors of children in same-sex and opposite-sex parenting the same or not?

Mark Regnerus, professor of sociology, has his own point of view. He says that such important question is not so good develop as he wants. The professor demands the exploration of the children’s surroundings. Such as: school progress, problems in school, participation in sports and recreational activities, volunteering, sleep, exercise, media consumption, reading and so on.

So, nowadays there is no one answer on a such important question, that’s why a lot of scientists all over the world are trying to find it now.


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