In the United States lifted a ban on gay blood donation


The USA Federal Office for Quality Control of food and medicine lifted the ban on receiving blood donations from homosexuals, replacing it with a number of restrictions. Ban acted 32 years old, recalls the statement of the organization.

“Management replaces its recommendations to postpone indefinitely the reception of donated blood in men who have sex with men – a policy, which operated for about 30 years”, – said in a statement.

Now the donated blood will not be taken from men, “who for the past 12 months had sexual relations with another man.”

Similar recommendations adhere to power in countries such as Australia, Japan and the United Kingdom. Representatives of the American gay community supported the initiative, but stated that the imposition of restrictions “still stigmatize gays and bisexuals.”

Management stated that the adopted recommendations “will not lead to a change in blood storage conditions in the United States,” citing data from Australia and other countries.


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