New Google Calendar feature will help gay men to overcome loneliness


This Wednesday Google has launched a new function to their Cal;endar app. The function is called ‘goals’ and the principle of its work is shown through the story of the guy who had lost his boyfriend.

To overcome loneliness Brad decides to start picking up yoga — like duh — and he is depending on Calendar to fulfil this new resolution amidst his busy work schedule. On top of just recording your resolutions, Goals also asks how often you want to practise and what timings work best before customising your calendar. And if there is a clash in your schedule or if something suddenly pops up, like how Brad got called back by his boss when he’s just leaving work for yoga, Goals will automatically rearrange things for you.

The storytelling ends with Brad bringing a sloth he found to the office, and then meeting a new colleague from Spain, George, who inspires him to pick up a new language. Now, Brad is definitely having some fun learning Spanish from his new work crush… and perhaps more.


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