The artist painted a nude caricature of the US President


Trump sued the artist who painted him naked.

Nevertheless, fans of the new the USA president also were shocked such a gesture of the young artist.

The young artist Illma Gore said that recently Trump’s legal team has contacted her and accused her of insulting the president.

It turned out that the president is dissatisfied because he said he is depicted enough courage.
But Gore said: “I thought it would be interesting to paint a micro-penis onto this prolific figure”. The artist has represented a sample of picture in February.

“Because no matter what is in your pants, you can still be a big prick,” she said upon its release.

A lot of people expressed a desire to buy a sample of the pictures after the exhibition in London.

Nevertheless, the artist claims that the law firm of President called her twice and threatened her with litigation.

She also says that her life has undergone of danger several times, as the President’s fans were trying to get back at her.

“I don’t believe I did anything wrong. It’s my work and I’ll stand by it no matter what.” And she doesn’t intend to stop with Trump.

She added: “Donald was the first of a couple of leaders I plan on painting to highlight that genitals don’t mean much. It’s what’s inside that counts, it’s not the peel, its the ‘nana.”


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