Being pro-equality and supporting discrimination at once. How can it be?


Companies like Coca-Cola have spoken many times that they are against anti-gay laws accepted recently in North Carolina and Mississippi. But at the same time they proclaim that they are going to support the Republican national convention, scheduled for July in Cleveland.

While Coke has slashed the amount it is giving this year to $75,000 from the $600,000 they gave the 2012 convention, that’s still money that will be used to actively advocate against everyone who is not an angry white male voter. This is enabling behavior, and the companies need to answer some hard questions – even though they may be donating to the Democratic convention as well.

Coca-Cola isn’t alone facing this dilemma: How can corporations, the epitome of the American mainstream, support such vile language, while trying to woo diverse groups of consumers – not to mention workers – worldwide. The CEO’s of Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Pfizer, Google and General Electric all signed on to the open letter opposing discrimination. All of those companies gave big bucks to the GOP in 2012. And will they do it again?


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