Cyndi Lauper talks about the future of LGBT


Cyndi Lauper, the founder of the True Colors Fund (the organization, the main purpose of which is to overcome homelessness among LGBT youth) says that the problem can be solved only by working with the parents of LGBT children, teaching them to accept their sons and daughters the way they are instead of kicking them out or hurting them so that they have no choice but to go.

Cyndi says that instead of letting their emotions out (and there is probably A LOT of emotions!= parents should first of all convict their children that they love them no matter what, and then ask them about a little bit of time to make up their minds with these new aspects of their children’s life.

‘Because where the heck are parents gonna go?’ she asks. ‘You can’t go to the preacher man because he’s gonna condemn you and your kid to hell. You’re not gonna go to the school and out your kid. You can’t go to the neighbors. So, where do you go? You have to have an outreach program for the parents and the kids, but you have to have the information to help parents because, you know, I think most parents just love their kids, and when they’re teenagers, you’re gonna fight about everything – I know, I have a teenager. You fight. Hell, that’s the dynamic.’


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