Gus Kenworthy spent an unforgettable holiday with his boyfriend in Hawaii


Although we are accustomed to see Olympic champion Gus Kenworthy with skis and in full winter gear, handsome and looks great in a negligee against the backdrop of the rainforest.

24-year-old Kenworthy put on Instagram photo of vacation in Hawaii. At the pictures athlete and his boyfriend, 38-year-old actor Matthew Wilkas, rest near the waterfall, swim in the ocean and commit crime against style, flaunting in colorful Hawaiian shirts.

Recall Kenworthy made coming out in October 2015.

“For me it is important to be open and honest with all. All of you have supported me in moments of success and failure, and I hope that you will stay with me after I told the truth about myself.” Kenworthy wrote on his page on Facebook, adding: “I’m gay! How great sound these words …”


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