“In our society, everyone is against gay …” – the student’s friend stated, confessed to the murder of Dmitry Tsilikin


21-year-old student Sergey Kosirev, confessed to the murder of the well-known St. Petersburg journalist’s 54-year-old Dmitry Tsilikin, fond of animals, tenderly caring for the bug, and always came to the rescue. As for the attitude towards gays, then, according to his girlfriend, “in our society, in principle, all supplied against them”.

In an interview classmate of the suspect in the massacre of a journalist said that Sergey was never interested in the theater, which Tsilikin wrote, and no one got to know him on the Internet that can be seen on his page on the social network “VKontakte”, he does not have friends.

“Sergey was also not a fan of gays, but this is unlikely to have resulted in any prosecution. I have some gay friends as well, and Sergei knew about them, but he has never showed any negativity in their address. Yes, he has never supported them, but he was not categorically against,” the girl said.

Recall, according to the preliminary version of the investigation, “the suspect was visiting Tsilikin during the day March 27, 2016, whom he met on the Internet. In the suddenly arisen quarrels, Kosirev committed murder victim, inflicting multiple blows with a knife, stealing a laptop and purse disappeared from the house”.


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