On Kickstarter raised money for a comic book about LGBT superhero adventures


British artist Joe Glass will release comics “The Pride”, dedicated to the adventures of a team of LGBT superheroes. This was reported by Wonderzine.

The book will include stories about Fabmoney, Wolf, Muscular Mary, Twinks, Bears, Frost, Angels, White Trash and pupils who are fighting together for justice and diversity. And the names of the characters make clear that the comic is associated with LGBT topics.

The protagonist, FatMen (almost like Superman, only in pink tights), gathered his team of superheroes to fight injustice against LGBT understatement of their merits and ridicule in the media.

The money for the publication the artist collected via Kiskstarter platform: the participants have donated 20,460 pounds at the stated budget campaign of 13 thousand pounds. The book in hardcover will include six stories that have been issued in small editions separately.


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