Parents have organized a Hindu gay wedding for their son when he came out


Moreover, these amazing parents have founded a South Asian LGBT supporting group hoping that it will grow and develop.

The parents Vijay and Sushma live in Canada since 1970s and their son Rishi grew up there. At the same time the parents always tried their best not to let their son forget his ancestry. Rishi followed the Hindu traditions in everything, but he could not change the way he is – he came out to his parents as gay.

Of course, the parents were shocked to figure it out. And everyone would be. But then they understood that they were (and are) not alone in it – there are many parents who have LGBT kids and it is always hard for them to understand their children. And helping such parents became a goal of their lives.

Vijay adds that family and friends have all been supportive, especially when they attended Rishi’s gay Hindu wedding in 2011. The Agarwals were refused by seven Hindu priests before one agreed to perform the ceremony at an Oakville golf course. Vijay told Gay Star News: ‘Usually at a Hindu wedding, the ceremony is so long, the guests all start talking amongst themselves. But at this wedding, people were paying attention!’ He continued: ‘Afterwards, my friend’s daughters came to me and they said, “There’s not a dry eye in the audience.” Everyone was overwhelmed. No one had ever known a gay wedding with so much Hindu pomp and show!’


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