Dozens of French doctors admitted that they illegally helped to same-sex couples to have children


Thus, they protested against the ban on artificial insemination for gay couples.

About 130 doctors in France admitted that helped same-sex couples to conceive children in protest against local laws prohibiting artificial insemination for couples gays and lesbians.

Local media cited an open letter to doctors, published in the French daily “Le Monde” on Friday. It reads: “We, the doctors, biologists recognize that helped and contributed to homosexual couples or single women in their attempts to have children, it is impossible for them in France.”

Although same-sex marriage legalized in France in 2013, homosexual couples are denied access to artificial insemination. Under current law, those procedures are available only to heterosexual couples. Surrogate motherhood is prohibited in all circumstances.

The group, headed by gynecologist Renee Friedman, the famous creation of the first “test-tube baby” in France, said that he supported the law change to allow same-sex couples to use artificial insemination.


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