Former Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Ghana: “Africa must resist homosexuality”


According to Former Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Ghana, global gay lobby wants to infect his “abnormal behavior” the whole world.

A senior politician in Ghana, said his country must confront the homosexual relationships and the rights of LGBT people.

He stressed that despite the pressure from Western governments to adopt the requirements of legislation for the protection of LGBT rights, Ghana must strongly oppose this.

“We have to defend its position. As Africans, we must clearly clarify certain things, and we should make people at least respect us as Africans. We say that a man will not insert his penis in a man’s ass, and this is Africa for us”.

Statements of Former Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Ghana come amid a boycott by deputies of the Scottish Parliament the President of Ghana John Mahama. When African heads of state appeared in parliament on Thursday, many members left the hall.


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