In Georgia it was decided to hold a public discussion of the bill to ban same-sex marriage


The ruling coalition intends to make an appropriate amendment to the Constitution.

Georgian Parliament endorsed the proposal to establish a special commission, which during the month will be engaged in a public discussion of the draft of the constitutional amendments providing for the definition of marriage as a union between a woman and a man.

Commission of 15 members headed by the deputy of the faction “Georgian Dream”, Vice Speaker Manana Kobakhidze.

According to the project, the first paragraph of Article 36 of the Constitution of Georgia should be worded as follows: “Marriage, which is a voluntary union between a man and a woman to create a family, based on legal equality.”

In the current edition of the Constitution says that “marriage is based on the legal equality of the spouses and goodwill.” At the same time, the Civil Code specifies that marriage is “the voluntary union of a woman and a man” that prohibits marriage between persons of the same sex.

The authors of the bill, aimed against marriage between persons of the same sex, are the four parliamentary factions, members of the ruling coalition “Georgian Dream”, “Georgian Dream – Conservatives”, “Georgian Dream – Industrialists” and “Georgian Dream – National Forum”.


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