Milonov decided to fight “unforgettable gay tours to Europe”


Deputy of St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly Vitaly Milonov expressed concern that some agencies impose on citizens “immoral Tours” and their marketing poses a threat to the moral health of the nation.

United Russia has asked to check the travel agencies and tour operators for compliance with their advertising and operations standards for the protection of citizens’ negative information legislation.

According to the MP, addresses him Petersburgers complain about the travel companies who impose “non-standard tours with a context like” the most depraved tour in Russia should not be a place for such things, because our country is a carrier of spiritual sacred power,” – says MP.

“On the Internet are becoming increasingly popular all sorts of “themed” travel: some travel agents just impose the Russians buying “sex tour in Southeast Asia” or “a memorable gay tour of the most corrupt places in Europe”- says Milonov in his address.

“A huge number of proposals for gay tours, sex tours, awful advertising”, – said the deputy. He added that all this is not marked, it is not subject to any legal regulation.


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