The Russian Foreign Ministry accused the Council of Europe in the “excessive and unjustified attention to so-called” children of LGBT


Russian Foreign Ministry issued another strong statement in which the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe charged that he “creates a basis for the promotion of non-traditional sexual relations among adolescents” in Russia. Speech on “the Council of Europe strategy to promote the rights of the child for the period 2016 – 2021 years.”, accepted in early March.

Russia has said about the unacceptability of the document, which raises issues of LGBT teens. The Russian side can not accept the Strategy in its entirety. Russian Foreign Ministry recalled that the strategy, according to the authorities, contrary to the Concept of the State Family Policy.

“We believe that the problem of discrimination against LGBT people is exaggerated in the text and creates a basis for the promotion of non-traditional sexual relations among adolescents. The problem of so-called” LGBT children “is not sufficiently investigated and confirmed in the text of any research European level. Moreover, the excessive and groundless attention to this problem creates prerequisites for addressing the so-called “children of LGBT” to the detriment of other vulnerable children who really need help. in the same vein, the text of the document focuses more on the promotion of the rights of “LGBT children” than the issue of serious violations of the rights of child victims of armed conflict, their physical and psychological recovery and social reintegration “, – reads the statement of the Russian delegation.


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