Brent Corrigan is outraged that it was garbled in “King Cobra” his story


Hardly Brent Corrigan become a fan of the new drama by James Franco on the gay porn industry the beginning of the 2000s.

The premiere of “King Cobra” recently held at New York’s Tribeca Film Festival, and in fact this is a film about youth Brent – more precisely, Sean Paul Lockhart, the real name. Corrigan said on his Twitter that his story was frankly garbled.

The film is based on real events and tells the story of the brutal murder of the owner of a gay porn studio Bryan Kocis in 2007. The film stars are James Franco, the former Disney star Garrett Clayton and Keegan Allen from “Pretty Little Liars”.

Corrigan also invited to star in the film, but he refused. In an interview he said that he does not regret the decision, as in the scenario many inaccuracies, and the most important details are omitted simply.

“I decided not to get involved, because it was clear that they did not even try to show in a good light gay or industry of gay porn. They did not have the goal to shed light on what happened to Brian and tell, through what we went with producer Roy Grant. Grant really helped the investigation, he was the mediator between me and Jo Harlow, he fussed a lot to settle a civil lawsuit against Brian helped Brian to his death … and the writers just threw it out of the film. They showed that I did it all by myself. Worse, in their version of I extorted money from Brian. It is the truth, “- said Corrigan.


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