British scientists have discovered why people kiss with closed eyes


Professor Sandra Murphy, together with colleagues from the University of London conducted a study which showed that during foreplay, and sometimes even during sex, vision prevents the brain to process fully tactile and tactile sensations.

Once in the body jumps levels of the hormone oxytocin (also called “hormone of tenderness”), the brain sends a signal to close his eyes. Scientists have shown that the use of visual information transmission channel partially blocks tactile.

The experiment participated sixteen volunteers. They are positioned in front of computers, which ran on the desktop line of certain characters and letters. The task of the participants had to choose only some of them.

But this was only the first part of the task. The second was the fact that volunteers had to mark at the same time the vibration signals of special sensors that were throughout the experiment attached to the hands of the participants.

In the end it turned out that the volunteers cope with the second part of the job twice as bad with eyes open – that is, passed vibration, distracted, could not concentrate. The more difficult the visual task and becoming faster flashed symbols, the worse the volunteers perceive tactile sensations.

Thus, scientists have proved that the use of the visual information transmission channel tactile partially blocks. And vice versa.


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