The hotel owners were fined $80 thousand for refusing to conduct same-sex marriage


Hotel Owner TimberCreek Bed & Breakfast in Illinois was fined 80 thousand dollars for refusing to submit to a room to rent for the wedding ceremony of gay couples.

Todd and Mark Wathen contacted the owner of a mini-hotel Jim Walder by e-mail. In response to the desire of men to carry out the ceremony with him, the hotel owner refused to pair and described homosexuality as “immoral and unnatural”.

Now the hotel has to pay $ 15 thousand to each of the spouses as compensation for moral damage.

In addition, the hotel is necessary to pay for the services of lawyers and other expenses. The total amount paid in excess of $ 80 thousand.

Gay marriage legalized across the US from June 26, 2015. In Illinois legalized same-sex civil unions in 2011.


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