“The hottest math teacher,” has starred in advertising sportswear collection Emporio Armani


27-year-old math teacher Boselli Pietro, who became known in the spring of 2015, when his student at University College of London found in the former teacher model Giorgio Armani, he re-signed with the famous design house.

Boselli has starred in advertising EA7 line – a collection of sports Emporio Armani Spring-Summer 2016 …

A guy from Italy (Pietro was born and raised in the neighborhood of Verona) first worked for Armani, when he was only 7 years old. During his studies as Pietro confessed, he could only dream of a career model, because he feared the reaction his university colleagues. But, despite the fact that many Bocelli studied science, receiving a doctorate, he continues to maintain excellent physical shape.

Now Pietro Boselli almost 900,000 followers on “Instagram”. He looks as ever, perfect. Especially when he visits a gay parade.

In the spring of 2015 Pietro Boselli has already attracted the attention of representatives of the fashion industry. He has appeared in advertising underwear brand Charlie by Matthew Zink and starred in a special photo session for “Attitude” gay magazine.


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