American geneticists have developed a method of purification of cells from HIV


Geneticists have learned to purify HIV-infected cells; New technologies make it possible to remove from the genome of infected cells all viral genes, as well as prevent them from re-embedding. The study is published in the journal Scientific Reports.

Researchers from Temple University used the CRISPR / Cas9 technology for the removal of HIV from infected T cells in order to show that the system allows to cut every single copy of the viral genome, as well as prevents its re-incorporation into the chromosome.

In the experiments, the line carrying the human CD4-receptors of T lymphocytes, they are the usual targets immunodeficiency virus. Their genome contains multiple copies of the modified HIV who had no part of the viral genes.

One of the HIV genome gene was replaced by the fluorescent protein, allowing visually monitor the virus. Adding to these genes Cas9 cells did not affect the functioning of the virus, but the expression of the RNA guides they began to communicate with the HIV genes from the genome of cutting them.

“Thus, the editing with CRISPR / Cas9 can discover new therapies for the removal of HIV-1 DNA from of CD4-positive T lymphocytes and provide a starting point on the way to complete recovery,” – say the study authors.


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