Gay Artist of Israel took for a mock “usual smile” on the Russian border control?


Organizers of the “Eurovision” in Russia questioned the story of Howie Stara (Hovi Star), Israel’s representative at “Eurovision” this year, that he had been subjected to abuse and humiliation at the border control in Moscow because of his homosexuality.

“Israeli’s passport was not tearing, but for “ridicule” he received “usual smile,” that the Russian border guards greeted all the guests and citizens of our country at the border. “… There are no accidents, and there was no complaints from the actors have been reported. … There was a slight hitch when control passed an Israelite, but we can not associate it with any insults Stara Howie. He really looks extravagant, and, apparently, with the ridicule he could take the usual smile staff …”how it commented Dmitry Melnikov, one of the organizers of the gala show “Eurovision” in Moscow. It is, by the way, took place in the Russian capital three weeks ago. Howie Star arrived in Moscow together with other participants of the competition.

On his “Instagrame” during his visit to Russia Hivo Star wrote about the visit only good things. In the morning he greeted fans, then followed by several attendants photos from the press conference. “I had so much joy in the scene today. Thank you, Russia!” – Howie Star told, leaving the borders of Russia.


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