Vicky Beeching thinks that her coming out has spoiled her career. But she does not regret


We have already told you the story of this woman making the list of LGBT Christian celebrities – she wrote songs for her church, she grew up in a deeply religious family, she studied theology at the university. She loves God. And she loves women. And for all her life she tried to balance these two things.

When she finally came out as lesbian in 2014, it was a really shocking decision for all the Christian Community of the USA where she lived and the UK where she was born. People who used to like her songs and her creativity started to humiliate her and to send her letters full of hate. It was the end. Or the beginning. Of course, her music career was over because the Christian music sector was not ready to accept a gay singer and singing some other music was against herself. And she did not want to live against herself anymore. She finally understood who she is. She understood why she had never dated. She understood that it has always been a part of her life she tried to hide because of her religious upbringing. She does not sing anymore. But she is now a broadcaster. And a theologist, of course, she still loves God. And follows the advice He has given: @Love your enemies”. So now if she receives a hate letter, she answers with a lovely picture signed “Peace. Have a lovely day”.


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