A serial rapist from Taiwan is sentenced to 18-year imprisonment


Du Bo Wen, was targeting attractive male models, pretending a TV producer and then used drugs to make the victims helpless and easy to rape. And it is even not the most terrifying thing. One of his victims has died of drug overdose.

It was only in September 2014 (more than half a year after the victim’s death) , after the Chinese police collaborated with the Taiwanese police department, that Du was arrested at his home in Taipei. Police records say, this is not the first time Du had committed a drug-rape-and-run attempt on a tricked male model. Back in 1994, Du was offering fake TV commercial contracts to male models online. He would promise them around USD700-900 for a 3-day shoot, with provision of hotel stay and plane tickets. At the ‘casting,’ Du would drug the male model’s coffee or beer and then film the subsequent sexual assault. Du would also rob the unconscious victim of his valuables before fleeing. Du had then been arrested in 1997 and served a sentence of over a year.

But in 2011 he started everything over again – meeting, drugging, raping. There were several complaints of their victims to the police, but they suppose that these were not all victims. There probably were much more people who were afraid to speak about being assaulted.

In court, Du admitted that he had drugged his victim Xiang Hai , but denied that it was rape, saying that their sexual contact was consensual. Du also claimed that he did not know that Xiang had taken Ketamine beforehand, so he did not want him to die.A judge had initially sentenced Du to 18 years imprisonment based on the charge of ‘homicidal date-rape with the use of drugs.’


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