US Federal Court ruled: “toilet laws” violate the rights of students


Last week, the US Court of Appeals Fourth Circuit ruled that the so-called “toilet laws” violate Chapter IX of the Education Act 1972. It states that gender discrimination is not allowed in schools that receive federal funding.

The Court passed in the case of a transgender teen from Virginia Gavin Grimm. He filed a lawsuit against the school district’s board of Gloucester after it began to make use the toilet, matching his “biological sex”, writes “The project of legal assistance for transgender people.”

The lawsuit said: “Gavin is not able to use the women’s restroom. Even before his move girls and women, who saw him in the women’s restrooms, reacted negatively, as perceived him as a boy”. “For example, when he was in high school, girls asked him to leave the women’s restroom.”

Judge Henry Floyd ruled: “In the case of transgender people by using separate gender-based premises, a person’s gender (male or female) should be determined on the basis of his / her gender identity.” It created an important precedent concerning the “toilet laws.”

Despite the fact that until the final resolution of the situation is still far, already have every reason to hope that sooner or later such laws will be eliminated, because their existence threatens the financing of educational institutions.


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