Warsaw. What can Poland’s capital offer to gay tourists?


What do we know about Poland? This country is often out of tourists’ attention. But it is completely unfair. Gay tourism in Poland in general and in Warsaw in part is also not known, but Poland is a gay-friendly country – homosexuality has never (!) been against the law there. Poland is one of few remaining European countries without any form of legal partnerships for gay and lesbian couples. Adoption by gay or lesbian couples is not allowed, although single gay people can adopt. It is necessary to add that the influence of Catholic church is also very strong, especially among older people. So, you are free to be gay and to express your gay love openly in Poland, but not everybody likes it

The gay scene in Warsaw is relatively small compared with most European capital cities, but it is steadily developing. More gay bars and clubs have opened in recent years, with rainbow colors proudly being displayed. There is a thriving café culture with several gay-owned and many gay-friendly venues. Most cafés are found around Śródmieście, the city’s central district and home to major tourist sights and hotels. Warsaw staged its first-ever EuroPride celebration in 2010. While it did meet with some local opposition, it was a landmark event and a springboard that has helped the local LGBT community build a wider and more public profile.

Of course it is not everything we can tell you about gay life in Warsaw. In future we are going to report about gay bars, gay saunas, gay hotels and just interesting places to see. And we are sure that you will see that the Polish capital does not deserve being ignored by tourists!


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