Young British actor Jack Loudon will perform the role of Morrissey


The producers of the film “Steven”, dedicated to the singer and former band The Smiths frontman Morrissey, found an actor for the lead role. Rock star will play Briton Jack Lowden.

“Steven” tells about Morrissey’s youth and how in 1982 he founded The Smiths, together with guitarist Johnny Marr. According to producer Oriana Williams, the film allows a glimpse into the consciousness of the young Steven Patrick Morrissey and find out what inspired his creativity as part of a group and solo.

Note that in his autobiography Morrissey admitted that during this period he was in a serious relationship with a man. It is likely that the film will tell the future, and this fact in the life of the legendary musician.

Morrissey himself avoids labels – “gay” or “bi” – and prefers to be called “humansexual”.


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