In French Arcachon for statue of Hercules was made detachable penis


The authorities of the seaside town of Arcachon in the southwest of France for a long time could not cope with a sensitive issue. The three-meter statue of Hercules, set in a park Moreschi in 1948, was regularly suffered from vandals who have attempted the penis of idolized hero.

“I would not like anyone, even my worst enemies, passed through what is happening with this statue,” – said the mayor of Arcachon Yves Foulon.

The original solution to the problem must be removable denture of penis, which will be connected to the figure of Hercules during the ceremonies in the park and city holidays.

Given the fragility of the manhood of Hercules, we decided to make it a removable prosthesis that we can attach to the statue before each ceremony. This is the best solution, otherwise we would have to continue on a regular basis to restore the anatomical details of Hercules “, said Deputy Mayor Martine Phelippot. For a small town, with a population of about 12 thousand people, a regular update penis of the statue is very burdensome.


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