The youngest daughter of Gérard Depardieu: “I am in a relationship with a woman”


Illegitimate daughter of Gerard Depardieu made coming out.

“I do boxing. And I am in a relationship with a woman. Nobody ever tells me that I have to do. I’m a free woman…”, – said in an interview to the French edition of Marie Claire 23-year-old Roxane Depardieu.

Roxana is the child from short love-story by French actor and Senegalese model Karine Silla. Roxana and Gerard are in a good relationship now. However, he did not accept a special participation in her upbringing.

Depardieu and Silla lived together for a couple of months and broke up shortly after the girl became pregnant. Roxane raised close friend Gerard, actor Vincent Perez, who married her mother.

Recall that in the autumn of 2014 Depardieu narrated in his book that the young men was given for the money to men, his customers were mostly truckers. As it turned out, he was an actor, too, thanks to homosexuals. Agent, sought after talents to gay theater, paid for his studies acting.


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