By choosing the country to visit, LGBT travelers usually take into account whether there is legal for homosexuality


A survey conducted by the tourism service and gay magazine Attitude, showed that 61% of LGBT people would not go to a country where homosexuality is illegal. In the “black list” are 70 countries in which homosexuals are discriminated against at work, violated rights in marriage and are not able to adopt children.

“Obviously, for the LGBT community members travel to many countries remain uneasy business”, – said the founder of Darren Burn.

Among the survey participants most popular vacation spots were New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami and Thailand. Also interviewed dream about Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam – these city were most often mentioned when answering the question “Where do you want to go in the coming year.”

But although travelers fear of countries where homosexuality is illegal, 60% of respondents do not want to limit their freedom of movement. Byrne believes that, having the right information, gays and lesbians can easily travel around the world.

“The law is always changing. If you go to a country where LGBT people outside the law, be sure to get professional advice,” – advises Bern.


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