Moldovan socialists believe that protecting gays from discrimination destroys “traditional values”


The opposition in the Moldovan Party of Socialists boycott session of Parliament, demanding the abolition of the law “On the Equality of Opportunity” (also known as the Law “On the equality of chances”), which equalizes gay rights.

Deputies of the largest parliamentary faction (24 out of 101 members) left the hall after the speaker of parliament refused to vote on the question of the inclusion in the agenda draft law on the abolition of the Act, adopted in May 2012.

“It is foreign to our society the law, which been forced us оn the way of so-called “European integration”, – said chairman of the Party of Socialists, Igor Dodon, calling for its abolition.

As he noted everyone appreciates in Moldova relationship “parents-children”, and this law will destabilize the situation in the country and leads to the destruction of traditional values.

Leader of the Party pointed out that other countries have achieved visa liberalization without the adoption of this law.


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