On the streets of Utrecht in the Netherlands will be the first “gay” traffic lights


On the streets of Utrecht, the fourth largest city in the Netherlands, there will be traffic lights with symbols of same-sex couples. The decision was adopted on the eve of the City Council of Utrecht.

Traffic lights with symbols of same-sex couples walking hand in hand, men and women are called, according to members of the city council, to show that Utrecht supports various forms of sexuality. “These characters – an occasion to reflect, while you’re standing at the crossroads …” – said one of the members of the council, and added that at the same time they give an idea of Utrecht as a “diverse city.”

Previously, we recall, Utrecht became one of the first European cities, the street where there was a rainbow zebra. Authorities of Utrecht in the early 2000s pioneered and lift the ban on sex in city parks.

The first city in Europe which have placed “homosexual” traffic lights in 2015 was Vienna. It was followed by Munich and Linz.


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