In the US, the number of HIV cases among white men is 4 times less than that of African and Latino


US states to reduce the incidence rate among the majority population. Unlike in Europe, in the United States over the past decade, the number of new HIV infections declined by 20% as a whole.

Incidence among the heterosexual population has decreased by 35%, among women – 40% Black women – 42% and 63% – among injecting drug users (compared to 2005). This, according to, it was announced at the annual Conference on HIV Prevention in Atlanta last month.

Over the same 10 years, the rate among gay men has increased by 6%, although it is marked and stabilized over the past five years. The number of new infections among gay men, however, varies considerably depending on their race.

Despite the fact that over the last decade, the annual incidence rate among of white men representatives of sexual minorities has decreased by 18%, this figure rose to 22% among black gay men and 24% among Hispanics.

Over the past five years, the incidence among black gay men has leveled off, and among subgroups of age from 13 to 24 years there has been even its decrease of 2%. But over the same period among boys and men younger Hispanic figure rose to 16%. The level of coverage of testing these populations remains unchanged, meaning that the resulting morbidity data is not dependent on the level of testing.


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