A pastor who rallied with Ted Cruz compared gays to Nazis and cannibals


The pastor claimed that gay people often use the word ‘love’ but they love each other only the way cannibals love their victims and the way Nazis loved their children. “Get your kids out of the gender-neutral schools, get your kids out of the gender-confused mess.Please do not send them to the NAMBLA preschool right down the street or the GLSEN kindergarten or the gender-blendered primary school. Please, do not send them to the NAMBLA paedophilia preschool or the transgendered kindergarten. Woe to the man that transgenders the restrooms in the public schools.Woe to the man who opens up the floodgates to every form of sexual perversion for 12-year-olds, 14-year-olds, 16-year-olds, 18-year-olds. Woe to the parents that open up the floodgates for children to attend the gender-blendered school… Johnny Cash was right when he said God is going to cut you down. Yeah, I know homosexuals love each other. And cannibals love their victims. They taste good.And the Nazis loved their children, but that’s not love.”, the pastor claimed. It is not the first homophobic claim of this pastor, he also used to say that girl-scouts should be put to death for being pro-LGBT.


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