Tank top battle


A clothing brand is facing a backlash over a t-shirt which reads “no fats, no fems”. The item is sold by online brand Marek + Richard, and has seen a large number of social media messages against the slogan. People blame the brand in showing gay community from the negative side, but the brand’s spokesmen claim that this is nothing but irony.

Mic.com yesterday published an editorial saying that the tank-top shows a “sad truth about the gay community”.Written by Mathew Rodriguez, the Mic article notes a study, ‘Reported Effects of Masculine Ideals on Gay Men’, which notes the effect of “psychological distress” for those perceived as camp or feminine. “In 2005, researchers found that being gay alone is a risk factor for men to develop eating disorders due to pressures to be thin,” wrote Rodriguez. After the tank-top was unveiled by the site, it has seen a social media backlash.


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