A fine of $ 500 or a prison – Oxford took its version of “dressing-law”


Oxford City Council, city in Alabama, United States, with a population of about 22 000 people, forbade to use the citizens the public toilet that does not match their gender at birth.

The new law, approved unanimously by Council members will act within the city’s jurisdiction. The rules adopted on the background of the scandal around the “toilet law” in North Carolina. And in response to the policy of retail stores “Target”, has previously suggested transgender employees and guests to enjoy the toilets that fit their notions of gender identity. One of the supermarkets “Target” works in Oxford.

Stephen Waits, head of the City Council, citing the fact that transgender people are not more than 0.3% of the population, said the law was adopted with the aim to “protect our women and children.”

Violators of “dressing law” faces a fine of $ 500 or imprisonment for up to 6 months. An exception is made only for children whose parents can accompany them while visiting the restroom to 12 years. Cleaning lady, technical staff, doctors to help can go without any restrictions in the restroom or bathroom.


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