Another actor Potteriana evolved from “ugly duckling” into a muscular handsome


We have already wrote about the miraculous transformation of the actor Matthew Lewis, who just a few years transformed from a bumbling Neville Longbottom in a beautiful young man. But, as it turned out, on this magic Potteriana does not ended.

English actor Josh Herdman, best known for the role of Gregory Goyle in the Harry Potter films, spent the first amateur fight at MMA (mixed martial arts).

Last Saturday Herdman won over Pole Janusz Valachovski … Without any spells.

“I chose MMA because I love sports I find it more exciting than boxing, but appreciate the beauty and the art of boxing.” – Said the actor.

He added that he does love movies, he still has an agent, and he tries. Herdman said that “does not see this as a change of career, as he likes and movies, and sport.”


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