Howie Star’s Mother does not understand why the story with a passport has become a “big deal”


Journalists “Maariv” got in touch with parents and openly gay singer Howie Star, who this year represents Israel at the contest “Eurovision”, to find out how they reacted to the excesses of the Russian border guards, from which he allegedly suffered.

“It happened about three weeks and a half ago, I do not understand why this did a great problem. He said that on the border his passport was torn, because they decided that it was fake. He did not take it seriously,” – said Efrat Sekulets McIntyre, Howie Star’s mother, asking to leave her boy alone.

Earlier, in an interview with television Malta, Star Howie said that faced with homophobic insults at crossing the border of Russia in Sheremetyevo. According to him, the Russian border guards laughed at him and because of homophobic motives spoiled his papers.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry earlier confirmed the replacement Howie Star’s passport, but refused to talk about the reasons. Comments Russian authorities have not been received.


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