Gay people are banned from being the Salvation Army members


The Salvation Army chief does not deny that the organisation forbids gay people to be involved in its activity. Of course, now the Salvation Army declares itself as completely tolerant and democratic organisation which allows all people to join, but even their chief says that these are only words.

ommissioner Clive Adams was challenged by Paul O’Grady for TV show ‘The Sally Army and Me’ – which has heavily promoted the Salvation Army’s work.
O’Grady was allowed to wear the group’s uniform for the cameras – but as a gay man he wouldn’t actually be allowed to be an officer. Lewis confirmed: “You wouldn’t be allowed to be a member.You could volunteer for us, you could come to our church services [but if you want to become a soldier in the Salvation Army, you have to commit to what we believe.O’Grady said: “That’s upsetting, really, because I know so many men and women who are gay and lesbian and they’d be the most wonderful officers.Despite claiming to never discriminate against LGBT people in its service provisions, extreme concerns have been raised about the work of the Salvation Army internationally on many occasions.


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