Homophobic attack in Texas


A man was walking with his dog near his own home and did not suppose to be attacked. Craig Knapp was outside his own home in the Oak Lawn neighbourhood when the pair approached him, initially asking him the dog’s name. However, they branded him a “f**king faggot” and hit him in the head.The Dallas local says he tried to give up his phone and wallet, assuming the attack was a mugging – but the thugs did not take them.

“I wanted to get out alive, plain and simple. All of a sudden I felt a hand behind my head push my face into the pavement.It’s now an anger that I feel and I am not an angry guy.” – he says.

Local business owner Lee Daugherty told the news outlet: “I don’t think this community is asking for anything special from the Dallas Police Department.We appreciate their help but one thing we don’t have is any arrests, still to this day.This community knows these are hate crimes.”


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