Mr Gay Denmark told how his life changed after the Cuming-out as a queer Muslim …


“Winning the competition “Mr Gay Denmark” in 2012, I became the first Muslim who has participated in European and world competitions “Mr Gay”, admits Michael Sinan.

“Now many people know about Christian and Jewish gay community in the world, but about gays-Muslims… speaking is not accepted. This taboo examined in detail in the Danish newspaper Politiken, as well as in the transfer of DR3 Gay Studies. Journalists covered my participation in the “Mr. Gay” and were particularly interested in my “Muslim life.” The result was a report about what being a minority among minorities.

And yet the consequences of coming out for me, a Muslim, were serious.

On “Facebook”there was a set of articles that collected thousands of comments. For me and my husband spilled a lot of hatred.

Media in Denmark mainly wrote about how much attention was drawn to this story, I was not interested for them as a person. So when journalists wrote that my husband got a lot of terrible things, they quietly publish even the most offensive comments.

We received three death threats and reported it to the police.

We knew how to name the three people who sent these threats, we knew where they operate. However, the police did nothing. The only thing they said to us, – “We are glad that someone is fighting for this cause and show an example to others who find themselves in the same situation.”


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