Survey found that LGBT diversity in Hollywood films has dropped


The amount of LGBT characters remains the same comparing to the previous year. But the problem is that almost all LGBT characters in the Hollywood movies are white, which is considered to be a lack of racial diversity for LGBT characters.

In the survey released today (Monday), GLAAD reported that out of 126 releases from major studios, 22 (17.5%) of them featured a character that identified as LGBT. This remained consistent with the year before, which had 20 out of 114 films.However, when it came to racial diversity of these characters there was a noticeable drop. The study found that of the 22 films featuring LGBT characters, only 25.5% were not white. This compared to 32.1% last year.72.3% of characters were white, 10.6% were latino, 8.5% were black and 6.4% were asian.
The survey comes after the Oscars faced a backlash this year, for not nominating any black or ethnic minorities in the leading actor categories for the second year in a row. Art house divisions of studios, such as Focus Features and Fox Searchlight, fared better overall. Of the 46 films surveyed, 22 percent were LGBT-inclusive, up from 10.6 percent last year.


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