Zimbabwe opposition leader promises tot to persecute gay people


Morgan Tsvangirai is fighting for his electorate all ways possible. He has recently promised the LGBT community of the country that if they supported his candidature on the election, they could be completely sure that they would not be persecuted.

He is not gay and he is against homosexuality, but at the same time Tsvangirai believes that when people reach some level of authority or power, it does not give them right to interfere in other people’s life, to limit their freedom and to dictate them who to be and who to love.

Previously, current President, Robert Mugabe, said he would not accept any aid deal if it meant that his country had to accept gay rights.In a speech, he said: “If aid, as I understand, is to be given on the basis that we accept the principle of gay marriages, then let that aid stay where it is. “We don’t want it. It is rotten aid, filthy aid and we won’t have anything to do with it.”It’s understood that Zimbabwe had applied for around $1.6 billion of support, with no aid organisation demanding such a condition be met. Having ruled the country since its independence with Britain in 1980, the Zanu-PF leader has continually attacked LGBT people, likening the community to a “white disease”.


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