A former Conservative councillor is blamed in having sex with a child


The popular gay dating app is used by everyone, even by politicians. And the designers of it could be pleased if it did not lead to crimes. The crime took place last summer in June. The Tory politician has met a handsome guy and had a date with him which ended with spending the night together. At first sight there is nothing criminal. But that guy was only 14 years old.

Prosecutor Simon Mills argued: “The law is there to protect. Consent is irrelevant because it is illegal to exercise whatever they are consenting or not.” The politician conceded he had “probably got swept along in the moment”, but told police it was “difficult” to know people’s age.He added: “I probably should have walked away, but I didn’t. We had a bit of fumbling and it shouldn’t have happened.”Grindr’s terms and conditions state that “no persons under the age of eighteen years may indirectly view, possess or otherwise use the Grindr services”, and that users “affirm and warrant that you are currently over the age of eighteen years”.


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