Classical monogamy among gay couples is a rarity


Australian research has established the existence of various kinds of partnerships among gay men, but classical monogamy remains a rarity.

Large-scale Internet surveillance in Australia shows that gay men have a much more diverse range of partnerships, than previously thought, and the more freely combine different kinds of relationships. In the study, “Monopoly” found that gay men tend to be divided not only into two common categories – men who have a monogamous relationship, and men who do not have serious intentions and entering into multiple sexual relationships.

In the third largest group (42%) of gay men was revealed during the observations that come into constant sexual relations with partners, in relation to which they felt an attachment without serious intent, despite the fact that in some cases, they were their only sex partners. To describe such a relationship, the survey participants used the term “fuckbuddy” or “buddy sex”.

36% of respondents had a “permanent partner” (to which they felt an emotional attachment, and with whom they shared a life), but half of them also had the “sex buddies” and / or casual partners.

Of the 40% of participants who have mostly casual sex, one-third was also a “partner” or “buddy sex”.


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