Game of Thrones star worries about her TV ‘brother’


Natalie Dormer plays Queen Margaery Tyrell on the HBO fantasy series, while Finn Jones plays Margaery’s brother, gay knight Ser Loras Tyrell, who represents gay community in the serial, often through sex scenes. The actress spoke to James Barr of Heat Radio about the plotline, which is expected to continue at pace in Season 6. Given the writers’ penchant for killing off beloved characters, Dormer said: “I’m very worried about him [Loras].”When Barr suggested that Westeros needs a branch of gay rights charity Stonewall, Dormer replied: “So true! I’ll be right there with you, with the rainbow flags.We need a new House with a new sigil and a rainbow banner. He’s in trouble… they’re both in a lot of trouble – the most trouble since we’ve met the Tyrells.She has lost control a bit… we see a whole new side to her. She hadn’t got the reigns anymore.”

Killing off the beloved characters is bad anyway, no matter gay or straight. But if the entertaining serial makes people who write a plot. who play there or who just watch it every evening, think about social issues such as LGBT rights, it is really great.


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