Regular masturbation is condition for a long and healthy life for men


Regular masturbation is both a sign and pledge of men’s health. These are the results of another study of European Urology.

The more you masturbate, the more likely to avoid premature death. In fact, masturbation – the key to life, doctors say the results of a more than 20-year follow-up with 30 000 European men.

First of all, the study confirmed the low chances of prostate cancer for men masturbating frequently. 21 man-made orgasm at the age of 20 reduces the likelihood of prostate cancer by 19% in comparison with the guys who masturbated only about 7 times a month.

If you are 40 years continue regularly to please yourself, then for your age the probability of diagnosing prostate cancer is reduced by 22%. This is despite the fact that statistically each eight men aged prostate problems, which can lead to death.

However, it was found out and that regular masturbation is generally a sign of health. Men who do this at least three times a month, and so die early from causes unrelated to prostatitis.


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