Methodist Pastor sleeps in the cold since the autumn 2015 to support gays and lesbiyans


Rev. Michael Tupper sleeps in a tent outside his home in Kalamazoo, Michigan, in protest against the way the leaders of his church are LGBT. Pastor United Methodist Church Parchmenta began his continuous vigil on 30 November and plans to continue to 175 nights in a row.

“It is a symbol of how our denomination, the United Methodist Church, responding to LGBT and repels them,” – said in an interview Tupper Associated Press. – “My main goal is to draw attention to discrimination issues and to encourage people to change, which will allow LGBTQ people get married in our church and serve as pastors”.

Tupper repeatedly subjected to punishment for participation in homosexual weddings. In 2014, he signed the marriage certificate of his daughter, a lesbian, after she was married in Baltimore. In 2015, he signed the marriage certificate of another pastor. Benjamin Hutchison, pastor of the United Methodist Church Kassopolisa said that he was forced to resign from his post after marriage.

Basically Tupper sleeps a few steps from his bedroom to the ground in front of the house, but several times he put a tent on the road to the Methodist offices in Indianapolis and Madison, Wisconsin. He says he plans to sleep in front of the offices in Des Moines, Iowa, and in Columbus, Ohio, and by the General Conference of the Church will move to Portland, Oregon. There the conference participants, both priests and laity, should discuss the Church’s position in relation to LGBT pastors.


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