Troye Sivan dealt with internalised homophobia for all his life


As we already reported, in his recent interview to the BBC Radio One Sivan has told the story of coming out – how hard it was in the society where homosexuality was not accepted. But what is really strange and terrifying, is that with coming out in 2013 it did not get easier. Yes, he is out and proud and helps other people to understand who they really are and who they want to be through his live performances and videos. He is an idol for all the gay people (and not only), bur at the dame time he admits that homophobia did not disappear from the society in general and from his own life in part. ‘Along the way I’ve actually become really proud of everything that I am, including [being] gay,’ he says. ‘It sounds crazy but internalised homophobia against myself is something I’ve dealt with my whole life. And so my life mission for myself, personally, is to just smash down all of those walls and be exactly who I want to be. We’ve got a really, really long way to go, but we’re definitely doing better than we’ve ever done before’, Troye says. It is hard for one person to come out, but to change the society and to make it more acceptable is 100 times harder. But still possible.


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