Coming out can make you happy…if you are white


A new study compares white and Latino men before and after coming out and confirms that Latino men cannot say that coming out made them happier.

A doctoral student at the university of Kansas along with two other researchers completed the research. They asked white men and Latino men to fill out extensive questionnaires.They found white men were less happy if they didn’t come out, but Latino men preferred coming out nonverbally. Nonverbal coming out could mean bringing a same-sex partner to family events without clarifying the relationship is romantic. Doctoral student Adrian Villicana told Medical Daily: ‘Scholars talk about gay identity as a white construction.

‘It’s because the data we have comes from gay white men for the most part. While it’s good to understand this identity and related process, it limits our understanding of gay-related processes for other people.
‘It’s confusing and potentially misleading to use data from one group and apply it to another group in the same way.’
Villicana says one of the differences between gay white and Latino men may be how important sexuality is in their identity. He says for white men it is more important, and coming out is seen as necessary to being your true, authentic self.For gay Latino men, authenticity and incorporating others into how they view themselves is not influenced by their sexual identity but may be tied to their ethnic identity.’


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